June News & Special Savings!

June is here!  We can’t believe it. Just like that winter is gone and the hot, summer heat is here.  Don’t forget to protect your skin and apply a healthy, quality sunscreen.  So many of you have worked so hard over this past winter to repair any of last summer’s sun damage.  We have been seeing more and more patients caring about the health of their skin and that is wonderful!   The sun is beautiful but those UV rays can be strong and hazardous.

FYI : We recently got some new elegant sunscreens at our clinic. They are perfect for face and body and for all women, men and children.    Apply your favourite spf, take out your rimmed hats & caps and enjoy the beautiful season ahead.

Reminders for our fabulous patients:  
*We are closed for the month of JULY.  This is our annual staff holiday time.  In order to serve you best our staff needs a little bit of R&R too!  A reminder to kindly book your June appointments NOW so you can guarantee a visit.  There are already limited spaces available.
*Book your August appointment now too if you are in the middle of a treatment series or will be due for a service.

The Most Popular Service:  Injectables, like Filler Botox/Nuceiva, still remain to be the most popular and commonly requested service at our clinic.

Why? They are an easy, fast way to achieve natural beautiful outcomes instantaneously with little to no downtime.
This month:  We have two fantastic promotions for both filler and our wrinkle smoothers Botox/Nuceiva .  Take advantage of these great savings.  Either buy now and use them this month or save it on your account for a later time this year.  You have over 20% -25% savings on these two packages.
Don’t know if you need this much?  Give us a call and Nancy, our client care specialist, can give you better direction over the phone.  She is very knowledgeable and can guide you to make the most suitable transaction to meet your needs and budget.  If you prefer to talk directly with one of our expert injectable nurses we can happily schedule a face-to-face consult.

Beauty Booster for Beautiful Results…..

This treatment is meant for the client that wants change but is worried about looking unnatural.   It is the all around treatment pleaser for all types of patients.
What results can I expect?  Dewy, glowing, refined, beautiful skin noticeable with only one treatment.  For optimal treatment results we recommend a package of 3 treaments spaced 3-4 weeks apart.
Any downtime? Very minimal. 1-2 days. Mild bruising may result after treatment.  Make up usually covers any marks easily.

Eliminate stubborn fat with Coolsculpting!

You have a vision, we can help make it real. Get rid of stubborn fat for good.
Is Coolsculpting right for me? If you’re active, you eat healthy but you still have areas of stubborn fat that won’t go away, Coolsculpting may be right for you.
Book a complimentary consultation and save the tax this month!

Stock up on your favourite skin care products now & get a free beautiful colorescience SPF!

This month you can buy any 2 products at our clinic and get one of our new elegant tinted sunscreens for free.
This is by far our most favourite sunscreen we have every carried at our practice. It is this seasons must-have. Trust us!
We can’t wait to see you. SPF up and enjoy the sun!


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