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Let’s Get Ready For Fall

Summer is coming to a close! Changes of seasons are always bittersweet.  This past summer was so beautiful.  We hope all of you were able to enjoy it, relax and enjoy some fun!

As the labour day weekend came and went, we now have shifted into back to school for kids, fall objectives and preparation for the next chapter of the year.   With the change of season comes a shift in the weather and therefore a shift in our skincare and a reintroduction of our skin health services.

At Cosmedica, it is always our pleasure and mission to serve our patients and make them look as good (or better) than they feel inside!  We have a plethora of services with a skilled and talented team dedicated to meet and even exceed your needs and objectives.  This month we have a great package targeted to smooth lines and wrinkles caused by muscular movement.  Look at some of the wonderful results you can achieve with this promoted package.


Let’s get ready for fall!

Wrinkle Smoother injections, like Botox and Nuceiva, are designed to smooth out lines that are directly caused by muscular movement.   This month when you buy 40 units you get 10 units free! That’s $110 dollars off the regular treatment price.

What can you do with the 50 Units of Botox or Nuceiva purchased?

– Soften your crow’s feet, which are the fine lines on the outer corners of the eyes
– Diminish your vertical frown lines between the eyebrows
– Relax your horizontal forehead furrows, sometimes called worry lines
– Get a subtle brow lift
– Jawline reduction/facial slimming
– Neck rejuvenation
– Gummy smile treatment
– Smooth out wrinkles on the chin, also known as chinulite
– Chin dimple reduction

Keep in mind that everyone is different!  A consultation is required to see if you are a candidate for any or all these treatment areas.  Give us a call at 905-631-6288 and we will be happy to design a treatment plan according to your individual needs and budget.

Launching Maintenance Packages, Stay Tuned

We are in the process of launching specialized maintenance packages for qualified patients to come back in and keep up to date with their services.  This will be for all laser treatments to treat pigment, red veins, pore size, fine lines, diva vaginal rejuvenation, cool sculpting fat, and some injectable treatment like beauty booster microneedling  and platelet rich plasma treatments (PRP).

Give us a call to see if you qualify for a reduced maintenance package price to keep up with your results throughout the fall and winter months. Nancy can let you know over the phone 905-631-6288.

Get in touch with us!

Got questions? We are only a phone call or email away.  We would love to hear from you to help you make the right decisions on your fall skin health routines and treatment procedures.

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