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Current Specials

Debuting 3 New Treatments This Month

It’s February, the snow is finally here and the temperatures have started to drop.  Is your face furnace ready? The combination of the cold weather and our heated homes can strip our faces from that dewy glow.  This months packages are designed to give you back your hydration and GLOW.  Scroll and take a quick peak at all the great options to make you feel just a little more fabulous.

NEW: Glow Getter Treatment

This is a NEW and very exciting GLOW GETTER treatment for February!

Our patient BEFORE and AFTER picture was taken after 1 treatment. These are the outstanding results you can expect after 1 visit, 1 treatment at our office. This new treatment combines three modalities to achieve this outstanding outcome. Call today to register for our signature GLOW GETTER treatment, so your face can start to GLOW too!


NEW: Radiesse®


How is ‘Radiesse‘ different? – Contains Calcium hydroxyapatite which is a well-established collagen stimulator.

-Lasts 12-18 months

-Can be used to sculpt cheekbones and jowls, or diluted to treat crepey skin on any part of the body.

Commonly injected areas include horizontal neck lines, sleep lines on the chest, crepey skin on the arms, hands, tummy, above the knees or buttocks.

 Call to book your complimentary consultation to get a customized quote for your treatment area. Call 905-631-6288 or request a consultation online.

NEW: HydraBright Peel

Looking for something NEW to keep hydrated and treat your brown spots or residual summer sun damage?

Launching NEW HydraBright Peel which includes:

-2 modalities in 2 visits targeting pigment, fine lines, enlarged pores and your overall quality and texture of your skin.
-A gift with purchase ZO MicroFacial Exfoliation Kit & Daily Power Defense to get the most out of your in-house treatments

Call 905-631-6288 to book an appointment with one of our talented nurses to discuss whether the HydraBright Peel is the right treatment for YOU!

February Sale

It’s all about the LIPS in FEBRUARY!

Valentine’s Day always bring attention to our lips and smile. This year our FEBRUARY SPECIAL includes these 3 components, all for $650 :
-1 filler syringe specializing in a soft lip structure
-4 units of either Botox or Nuceiva to give a lip flip to the upper lip, and soften any vertical lip lines -a choice of a lip gloss, lip stick or lip pencil

Call to book yours today!


Ulthera® Mini Boost


Ulthera Mini Skin Tightening Boost: For the young client that is starting to notice that slight downward turn to your mouth corners and is starting to feel that they need a little “lift”. This treatment will be the perfect boost to your own natural collagen and start to firm and tighten the tissues from the inside out. Can be combined nicely with all other nonsurgical treatments. ONLY $1499! Book your consult today. 905-631-6288

Ulthera Mini Skin Tightening Boost Upgrade: For the seasoned client in their 40s / 50s or 60s that want to boost collagen and get the instant contoured lift that filler gives. This package includes 2 filler syringes for cheek bones / jawline definition and a skin tightening treatment to boost the production of collagen and elastin fibers. The result is an instant lift and gradual firming of the tissues. ONLY $2199! Call 905-631-6288 today!

Cosmedica VIP Program

Now offering VIP Skincare Memberships for our Clients:

If you are the type of buyer that loves auto-shipments this is for YOU.
You won’t have to think about what ZO products you will be using, or how your regime should change for every season. Everything has been organized for you and a kit will arrive once a quarter with the skincare basics.

Other perks of being a VIP include:

– VIP only discounts
– Insider news and in clinic offerings
-Free shipments for any other products purchased




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