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Spring Promotions

This month we celebrate our mothers and get ourselves ready for the warmer summer months quickly approaching!

It’s a perfect time to evaluate our skincare routine and swap out some of the heavier emollients for some lighter solutions.  Amp up your sunscreen use so you’re not guilty of a sunburn after a bit of impromptu over sun exposure.  Bathe your skin in nutrients to get a hydrated natural glow for spring!  We have a few great promotions this month. Scroll down and let us know how we can help you! 905-631-6288


Mother’s Day Sale

Because she deserves it!

Mothers do so much. They are the heart of a home. And now it’s time to say THANK YOU.

Whether it’s a mum, or mum-to-be, godmother or whomever means mum to you, surprise them Sunday, May 14th with a Cosmedica Gift Card.  Buy them their favourite treatment and receive 15% OFF on the treatment price!

Are you a mom and want to treat yourself ? Now is the time to enjoy 15% savings on any regular priced lasers or injectable treatments.  Book yourself in between May 8th to the 15th or call Nancy and purchase it over the phone to reserve the price savings!



MIX N’ MATCH:  The Full Package

Because she deserves it! 

Here’s a great combo that everyone can enjoy! For only $1500 this package includes:

1 Filler syringe to do a nice little touch up before summer. You can use it to touch up your cheeks, smooth your smile lines, plump up your lips, touch up your mouth corners or chin.  Add on syringes can be purchased to provide a full treatment, if desired.
50 units of Botox or Nuceiva to treat your frown, forehead, crows feet around your eyes and/or neck or favourite body area.
– Laser of your choice: Includes Broadband light (BBL), MicroLaser peel or Nano peel to treat pigmentation, red sun damage, broken capillaries or enlarged pores.  Perfect to do now before summer or you can do your injectable portion of this package now and save the laser clean up for after summer.
A Firming serum, because who doesn’t need a product like this?  This lightweight formulation is a perfect product for warmer months.  Consistent use will deliver outstanding visible results!

Got Questions ? Call us 905-631-6288

Filler Special

Looking to look happier, more rested and feel more confident & attractive?  Everyone does.

Some of us have already fallen in love with this easy treatment, but for those of you who haven’t tried it yet. Don’t be afraid.

Fillers are safe, easy, subtle, and natural-looking when injected by an experienced nurse injector with an aesthetic eye!  At Cosmedica, we have a fine team of talent injectors who have specialized in artistic facial injecting. They evaluate facial symmetry, balance proportions, landmark safe injection points and deliver beautiful, natural outcomes.

This package gives you enough injectable material to give you a basic full-face treatment.  Add on syringes can be purchased at a discounted rate to address larger treatment goals, if required.

Call for a complimentary consultation.  We are here for you. 905-631-6288

Bonus promo add on:  Complimentary wash, scrub and oil control program from Dr. Zein Obagi’s finest line, ZO Skin Health.  (Value of $250)

New BOTOX Pricing

Yippee, we’ve got great news!

Effective immediately, we’ve reduced the price of Botox to $10 /unit for anything >than 40 units.   

For the spring season we are offering body Botox treatments, i.e. neck bands or underarm excessive sweating, for only $7/ unit. Now is the time to treat a new area at a great price!

Call 905-631-6288 for more information.

diVa Exclusive Sale


Let’s talk about what no one talks about, our vaginal health.

Childbirth causes so much trauma to our pelvic floor.  Urinary stress incontinence, or leaking urine happens to 1 in every 3 women when they laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise. How fair is that? That’s a lot of people.

Menopause also adds an additional frustrating component, vaginal dryness.  This is a hallmark sign of menopause, also known as vaginal atrophy. With this condition, vaginal tissues become thinner and more easily irritated.  Intercourse can become very painful and with the natural decline in your body’s estrogen levels, being intimate can become completely undesirable.

We all know how important intimacy is in a relationship.  This month treat yourself to a solution that will change your life!

What is the diVa treatment like? 1 treatment takes only 3 minutes.  You will notice dramatic changes in your lubrication, pleasure during intimacy and bladder control. Enjoy this starter treatment to feel the diva difference for only $799 (Regularly priced $1500).

Three treatments are recommended for optimal results. Only 1 treatment is required for maintenance every 12-18 months.

You won’t regret this investment in yourself.



Liquid Gold Face Filter Treatment

Build your collagen and rejuvenate your skin with this amazing ALL NATURAL treatment.

If you haven’t tried Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) yet, come give it a try.

What does PRP treat?

-Fine lines, enlarged pores, irregular texture, and skin luminosity.

We use your own blood’s plasma to deliver these outstanding results.  With this treatment we are specializing on specific areas such as your eye area or lines around your mouth or neck.

For spring, enjoy three treatments for only $1299. Regularly priced at $1800.

Call for details. 905-631-6288

ZO Skin Health


Redefining Facial Contour with Firming Serum

At the 12 week interval, Patients self-assessed the efficacy of Firming Serum, reporting statistical improvements:

  • 86% said their skin felt HEALTHIER by week 8
  • 83% said their skin appeared HYDRATED by week 8
  • 79% said they saw a noticeable improvement in OVERALL APPEARANCE by week 8.

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