Breast Lift

If you’re like many women, one of the hardest things about aging is saying goodbye to firm, youthful breasts that you had when you were younger. Over the years breasts can change from firm and round to deflated and droopy due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and associated loss of skin elasticity. Breast lift surgery elevates the breasts and provides a more youthful look. Dr. Otto Weiglein specializes in breast lift (mastopexy) for women from London, Hamilton, Oakville, and other southern Ontario cities who are ready to enhance their appearance and renew their self-confidence.

Dr. Weiglein wants you to have breasts that make you feel feminine and sexy. Learn more about Dr. Weiglein’s personalized approach to breast lift surgery and other breast augmentation procedures. Request a consultation online or call Dr. Weiglein at (905) 634-5573 to schedule your appointment, and you’ll receive straight talk from Dr. Weiglein’s himself about his views on breast augmentation.

Restoring Your Breasts

As with all plastic surgery, realistic expectations and emotional stability are important. Though breasts of any size can be lifted, women with smaller breasts enjoy longer lasting results.

You may benefit from a breast lift at our Burlington clinic if:

  • Your breasts are pendulous (hanging), but of satisfactory size
  • Breasts lack firmness or substance
  • Nipples point downward and are positioned below the underwire crease

Dr. Otto Weiglein

Dr. Weiglein is a Royal College-certified plastic surgeon who blends his refined surgical talents with a deep appreciation for the human form and spirit to give you a personalized, rewarding cosmetic experience.

Meet Dr. Weiglein

Breast lifts are commonly combined with breast augmentation (implants). This combination may appeal to women who have lost breast volume or have always wanted larger breasts.

Pregnancy and nursing often result in stretched skin and decreased volume. If you are planning a future pregnancy, it is advisable to postpone your breast lift since you will probably experience further stretching.

What to Expect

A breast lift is a procedure designed to reposition a sagging breast to a more normal position. Breast lift surgery involves removing excess breast skin and tailoring the rest to lift and firm the breasts. Incisions are made around the areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple) and along the underside of the breast where the bra line sits.

After surgery, your incisions will be carefully dressed and a surgical bra will hold the breasts in place. There may slight bruising and swelling. You may experience some mild discomfort for a couple of days which can be controlled with prescription medication. A soft support bra replaces the bandages or surgical bra after a few days. In the recovery stage, it is important to wear the bra at all times.

After a week you will gradually resume normal activities. Some permanent scarring is normal, but easily covered by your bra or bathing suit. The scars may be red and raised for a few months, eventually fading and becoming less obvious.

To ensure proper healing, plan to stay at home for at least a week before returning to work. You will need to avoid lifting anything over your head for 3 to 4 weeks and avoid strenuous activities for a month.

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