Beauty Booster Microneedling With PRP

A radiant complexion can light up a room and highlight your youthful features. Luminous, firm skin is associated with youth, but as we age our complexions begin to dull and the skin’s texture becomes lax. Stress, hormonal changes, smoking, and daily sun exposure all contribute to the aging of our skin. At Cosmedica in Burlington, we combine Beauty Booster microneedling treatments with either platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or TEOSYAL® Redensity [I] to stimulate collagen production and hydrate skin.

What Is Microneedling With PRP?

Combining PRP with microneedling treatments can enhance the results of your procedure. PRP includes growth factors that enhance the body’s natural healing process. Applying a serum of concentrated platelets (taken from a small amount of the patient’s own blood) to the skin during a microneedling treatment stimulates the skin to repair itself by increasing the production of collagen and elastin. The tiny channels created during microneedling allow the PRP to penetrate deep into the skin. Cosmedica uses the advanced WorldPRP™ system because it increases the volume, density, and purity of PRP with its unique, hourglass-shaped device.

How Is PRP Produced?

Producing platelet-rich plasma involves drawing a small amount of the patient’s blood and then spinning it in a centrifuge to separate red blood cells and other impurities from the PRP. What makes WorldPRP the most effective method is that the centrifuge quickly and gently processes the blood so that platelets aren’t damaged. The process typically takes only 3 minutes.

Additionally, the patented hourglass-shaped device ensures the PRP’s purity and integrity. PRP treatments have a long track record of safety and effectiveness in many medical fields. It’s probably best-known for helping athletes heal more quickly following an injury.

"Beauty Booster treatments are an easy, subtle way to make your skin glow."

—Dr. Weiglein

Rejuvenate Your Skin From Within

Beauty Booster microneedling treatments help our patients from Hamilton, Oakville, and other communities near Burlington replenish and hydrate aging skin. These treatments are specially formulated to target fine lines and a dull complexion in the area under the eyes, in addition to the face, hands, neck, and décolletage. These treatments are excellent for addressing:

  • Crepey skin
  • “Smoker’s lines”
  • Aging, dull, wrinkled skin

Combining PRP with Beauty Boosters treatments can help reverse sun damage, improve the skin’s tone and texture, and minimize the appearance of:

  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Hypopigmentation

Younger patients also choose Beauty Boosters treatments as a proactive measure to prevent wrinkles from forming and keep the skin looking young.

redensity I productWhat Is Redensity [I]?

Developed by a Swiss lab, Redensity [I] is an advanced serum that contains a proprietary blend of nutrients including amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to nourish the skin. It is also formulated with hyaluronic acid, which is used in all of the dermal fillers we offer at our Burlington clinic. All of the ingredients are naturally present in the skin.

Unlike the crosslinked hyaluronic acid in dermal fillers that stays where it is injected to correct specific lines, folds, and wrinkles, the hyaluronic acid in Redensity [I] is not crosslinked so it disperses into the skin for more complete skin rejuvenation.

Dr. Otto Weiglein

Dr. Otto Weiglein

Dr. Weiglein is a Royal College-certified plastic surgeon who blends his refined surgical talents with a deep appreciation for the human form and spirit to give you a personalized, rewarding cosmetic experience.

Meet Dr. Weiglein Doctor Otto Weiglein's credentials

What to Expect

BB Gun deviceAfter topical numbing medication is applied to the skin and allowed to take effect, the skin is cleansed. For improved comfort during the treatment, Redensity [I] is formulated with a local anesthetic. Beauty Booster treatments involve shallow injections of Redensity [I] into the skin using the Injection gun. This device allows the practitioner to place the Redensity [I] Beauty Booster reliably beneath the skin. It offers precise depth and accurate dosing for a quick and effective treatment with minimal pain and downtime for patients. The 9 point multi-needles and vacuum tip reduces pain for the patient while adding the benefits of microneedling.

You will be able to see a difference after only 1 treatment, but we recommend 3 treatments spaced about 3 weeks apart for optimal improvement. The results are long-lasting, but because your skin continues to age, occasional touch-up treatments can help maintain those results.

Many of our patients combine Beauty Booster treatments with other injectable treatments, such as BOTOX COSMETIC® and dermal fillers, to complete their nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Dr. Weiglein and his nurse injector skillfully place the injections to give your face a natural, youthful appearance.

Dr. Otto Weiglein wants to help your youthfulness shine through with Beauty Booster microneedling treatments. Request a consultation or call Cosmedica at  (905) 631-6288 to see how these exciting new treatments can help your skin glow.

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