PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy

Treatment for Enlarged Pores, Fine Lines, and Thinning Hair

Are you looking to rejuvenate your skin and get that youthful, healthy glow back you’ve been dreaming of? One of the many anti-aging medi spa treatment options that can be used for both restorative and preventative treatments at our Burlington clinic is PRP. Platelet rich plasma (PRP), also known as the “vampire facial”, is a fast injectable treatment that can improve your pore size, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin look silky smooth.

Patients from Mississauga, Hamilton, Oakville, Brantford, and surrounding areas can also treat thinning hairlines or bald spots with our PRP treatments. The best part of PRP injections is that they are completely natural and therefore produce very beautiful, natural-looking results! Please request a consultation online or call (905) 631-6288 to schedule a consultation at Cosmedica today.

What Is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, includes growth factors that enhance the body’s natural healing process. Applying a serum of concentrated platelets (taken from a small amount of the patient’s own blood) to the skin during a microneedling treatment stimulates the skin to repair itself by increasing the production of collagen and elastin. The tiny channels created during microneedling allow the PRP to penetrate deep into the skin. Cosmedica uses the advanced WorldPRP™ system because it increases the volume, density, and purity of PRP with its unique, hourglass-shaped device.

How Is PRP Produced?

Producing platelet-rich plasma involves drawing a small amount of the patient’s blood and then spinning it in a centrifuge to separate red blood cells and other impurities from the PRP. What makes WorldPRP the most effective method is that the centrifuge quickly and gently processes the blood so that platelets aren’t damaged. The process typically takes only 3 minutes.

Additionally, the patented hourglass-shaped device ensures the PRP’s purity and integrity. PRP treatments have a long track record of safety and effectiveness. It’s best-known for helping athletes heal more quickly following an injury.

Dr. Otto Weiglein

Dr. Otto Weiglein

Dr. Weiglein is a Royal College-certified plastic surgeon who blends his refined surgical talents with a deep appreciation for the human form and spirit to give you a personalized, rewarding cosmetic experience.

Meet Dr. Weiglein Doctor Otto Weiglein's credentials

What is a PRP treatment like?

Not sure what to expect with our PRP treatments? The process is minimally invasive and requires very little downtime. First, we inject a serum of concentrated platelets (taken from a small amount of your own blood) to the skin which stimulates the skin to repair itself by increasing the production of collagen and elastin.  This result is a radiant youthful glow.  Your skin will also look smoother and younger.  PRP can also be done to stimulate hair follicle growth.  Many men and women with thinning hair benefit from treatment and love the results!

Are you ready to realize your skin goals? Let our highly trained nurses at Cosmedica help you achieve radiantly youthful skin with PRP. Request a consultation[/consultation or call Cosmedica at  (905) 631-6288 to achieve your full beauty potential.

Upgrade Your PRP Treatment to Our Signature Champagne Facial

Book a complimentary consultation with one of our incredible nurses to discuss how you can upgrade your Platelet Rich Plasma treatments to a Champagne Facial and incorporate hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your injectable treatment. Can’t wait for you to see the results! Get ready to GLOW. Call (905) 631-6288 to reserve your consultation spot!

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