APRIL 2017
Healthy Skin is In!

Broadband Light (BBL)(IPL) treatments are an effective and simple solution for a variety of skin conditions including age, sun spots, discolouration, acne, acne scars, rosacea and even fine wrinkles!  

At Cosmedica we customize IPL treatments to fit the specific needs of each patient.  We target sun damage altering the intensity, depth and duration of each pulse to properly treat brown spots, red veins, red spots, enlarged pores and fine wrinkles!  

Any risks?  The powerful IPL technology is capable of burning your skin, leaving you with unwanted scars or marks.  Therefore it is very important to put your trust in only an experienced, licensed practitioner.  Our team prides in delivery safe effective outcomes. Stick with the experts to avoid complications. 

Take a look at some fantastic IPL results.

  BEFORE                                                      AFTER

IPL can be done of any part of the body.  We commonly treat face, neck, chest, hands, and arms. 

Put Your Fresh Face 
Forward this  April, 


No restrictions!  


Make your own combo! Healthy skin is IN!

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Healthy Skin was the biggest talk on the 
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Want even more results this April? 
Buy a Halo treatment and get an IPL for free! 

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 hottest treatments this year from the Red Carpet.

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