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Do You Hate Your Pores?


Come to our 'Pore Gone' Halo Event 

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If they bother you, you're not alone! 


Statistics show 57% of women worry about their pore size.


28% of all women believe that large pores are worse than wrinkles.


Age, sun exposure, smoking and genetics all result in the loss and disruption of collagen and enlarged pores.



Undo the Damage with Halo!



This image illustrates the 60% reduction of pores after 2 Halo treatments.  



Our unique MicroLaser/Halo combo treatments vaporize fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles and PORES!




Sign up for our 'Pore-Gone' Halo Event !


Event Date: Tues. February 28th  11am & 1pm sessions


Why Come? 

*Learn about Halo and how it can benefit you

*Special event pricing

*See it live on a real patient

* Talk to patients that have experienced this treatment

*Draws & Give-aways


See before and after photos from our Halo patients. 



Watch this video of Kristen sharing her personal story of how Halo changed her life! 



Reserve Your Spot Today!






Why have a diVa treatment?


80% of women suffer from bladder control issues. 

This results in changing the way they would normally dress, or thinking twice about partaking in physical activities that could cause an 'accident'.  


Don't suffer. We have an easy solution.  

Only three 3 minute treatments required to correct most bladder control issues.  

That's a 9 minute investment that can change your life!




Register for a spot at our event on

 Tuesday February 28th 

to find out more information on diVa .









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