N ew Year, New You!

Do you have  'Porexia ?

Statistics show  57% of women worry about their pore size.

28% of all women polled admitted that large pores are worse than wrinkles, and 21% confessed that they started worrying over their pore size at the ages of fifteen to twenty. 

On average an adult face has 20,000 pores.  The size of pores are determined by many factors that include: genetics, dirt, oil, dead skin cells accumulating due to improper or lack of exfoliation, sun-related damages and pimples.

How do we get rid of our pores?

Easy Solution:  Have Halo treatments.

 1 Halo treatment clinically reduces pore size by 43%.

For the Month of January

Buy a Halo Treatment   receive   a pore vaporizing M icroLaser Peel for FREE ($500 value). 


Receive a complimentary Vitamin Injection  treatment for each Halo purchased  to speed up healing time.
(Up to $1500 savings).

The 3 Biggest Filler Breakthroughs of 2016

Now non-surgical filler treatments are done within minutes, which means results are quicker, more natural-looking and less painful.

1.  The Filler Type: Hyaluronic Acid 

Why ? It offers a soft, natural look that lasts longer. Plus, there is less risk of complications.

At Cosmedica we have a diverse toolbox of natural-looking filler products.  All our "tools" are comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA), a molecule that acts as a sponge, absorbing water.  HA occurs naturally in the skin but decreases with age. We are experienced injectors which replenish the lost HA to restore youthful contours. Soft and natural!   

Click here to learn more about hyaluronic acid  Filler treatments. 

2.  The Technique: Cannulas

Why ? Less bruising and risk of complications.

Stick with the experts to avoid complications. At Cosmedica we have a team of very experienced nurses that can deliver your filler treatment by use of a cannula.  This means, less bruising, and less risk of complications. Most of our patients leave after a filler treatment without a single mark on their skin.  

Click here to see a before and immediate after photo of a filler treatment with a cannula.

3.  The Delivery:  Automated I njectable Pen

Why ? Less pain and force for delivery of product, and more natural results.

We are leaders in the latest automated pen for delivery of filler treatments. Unlike needles and syringes, the motorized pen takes the focus away from how much pressure is applied and puts an emphasis on how to place the product.    The pressure is constant and lower than when manually applied, so there is less pain and force for delivery of product.  

Why suffer in the name of beauty ? Gentle injections are possible. 

Click here to learn more about the automated pen we use for our filler treatments

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