Why You Need A Good Skin Care Routine

Do you have a Routine? And no, I am not referencing the Friends episode with their dance routine-IYKYK !

I am talking about a skincare routine. 

Think of skincare as your insurance policy to insure you get the best out of any aesthetic treatment you do. Do you want the best results? Investing in the best skincare and maintaining your routine is paramount to ensuring you look your absolute best through the entire year. 

ZO skincare gives patients a full routine for not only promoting healthy skin but also maintaining it. Approved for individuals of all ages, ethnicities and skin conditions, patients are able to correct, prevent, and reverse signs of aging, sun damage or texture. 

So what should be in your routine? 

Cleanser: Cleansing your skin is so important, but cleaning your skin with something that restores the skin’s barrier instead of stripping it clear is paramount. ZO offers three types of cleansers – exfoliation, gentle and hydrating. One of these cleansers will last you approximately 6 months and can be left in the shower for ease of cleansing daily. 

Toning: Many think toning is a gimmick, but if you are like me, that squeaky clean feel we strive for is a real thing. We recommend that our patients tone with the zo complexion renewal pads. Not only do they aid in further elimination of dirt, sweat, debris and surface oils, but these pads will offer a non-drying finish to cleaning your skin while brightening at the same time. 

Exfoliation /Polish: Exfoliation is incredibly important to slough off the excess dead skin cells as well as allow for best penetration of your skincare products and laser treatments. The ZO polish is the best exfoliation product on the market in our books! It gently removes impurities from the skin for a flawless finish. This scrub contains magnesium crystals and when massaged into the skin it softens and smooths your face. For an added boost, apply and leave on for 20 minutes for an at home spa-like facial. 

Retinol: Improve fine lines and wrinkles with this miracle ingredient. Who has used it before and can distinctly recall that memory of a red, flaky face? I implore you to push past that memory. This ingredient is a game-changer in not only prepping your skin better for treatments but also for making sure you get the best out of your skin long term. At Cosmedica we have a few different retinol percentage levels to choose from in the Zo Skin Health line. For beginners to retinol we recommend starting with a 0.5% and work towards a full 1% gradually. A more seasoned or advanced retinol user can start with 1%. Radical Night Repair is a clinic fave, with a secret at home peel you can do for those who want to kick it up a notch! (Ask us for the magic formula and you’ll glowing skin will be the envy of all)

Anti-aging: Our absolute favourite anti-aging product is the ‘Growth Factor Serum’. If we could bathe in this stuff we would. Clinically proven to improve the skin, reduce lines and wrinkles and provide patients with a more restored and rejuvenated skin barrier. In a study, 95% of patients experienced improvements in their skin overall in just 12 weeks of use. 

Moisturizer: The ‘Daily Power Defense’ is our go to product for hydration. Not only does this product hydrate our skin, but also offers a defense against oxidative stress, reduces primary signs of aging and supports the continuation of healthy skin.

SPF: Using a good SPF daily is a must! You can thank us later. (And yes… that includes during the winter months). It is also very important to note that not all SPFs are the same. Most over the counter sunscreens have chemicals and protect only against UVB rays which are the burning rays for sun burns. You need a good physical sunscreen with a high percentage of zinc to protect you against the UVA aging rays that manifest in brown sunspots and broken red little veins.

Got it?

This simple routine is all you need for a well rounded skincare program. Using medical-grade products bring change and will compliment the procedures you put time and money into doing at your fave clinic.

We understand that everyone is busy – from the busy mama to the high powered working woman – everyone can benefit from our new convenient method to get your medical grade “goods” .

Now Cosmedica has got you covered! This month we debut our NEW SKINCARE MEMBERSHIP.

Every 3 months, we will send you your skincare. Cleansing, toning, antiaging, exfoliation and sun protection along with some special surprises throughout the entire year to keep you covered. All year long, we will tailor the box to the needs needed for that season, causing your skin to glow and you to not have to worry about a thing as your products land on your doorstep. 

We include reminders, special gifts and extra goodies for our VIPs with the skincare membership. 

We are so excited about this venture and we know you will be too. For a more affordable way to use the best skincare in the industry and to be taken care of for your cosmetic needs! Give us a call at 905-631-6288 to get into the program today!

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