Why Fall Is The Perfect Time for Halo

Autumn road in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in autumn.

Well it’s that time again! Starbucks has launched their fan favorite Pumpkin Spice latte, pumpkins and mums are gracing the grocery stores and with school back in session, that means fall is just around the corner! 

After a great summer with family and friends, being outside as much as possible and enjoying the warmer weather and longer days, our skin can take a bit of beating… even if we did remember to apply our sunscreen daily and throughout!

Did you know UV rays can target and cause premature signs of ageing and sun damage to occur in as little as 15 to 25 minutes? Did you also know that even on a cloudy day, approximately 80% of UV rays reach the earth’s surface and, therefore, reach our skin? 

Freckles, sun damage, dullness, loss of tone, texture, dehydration… These are all signs of sun-damaged skin but also symptoms that can be treated with HALO!

What is a HALO Treatment?

HALO is the perfect treatment to give your skin a complete fall overhaul. From targeting texture, wrinkles, pore size and skin discoloration, this treatment is a sure fire way to get your skin back to its best. 

Why do we say Fall is the perfect time for Halo? 

HALO is a resurfacing laser… it’s ability to target sun damage effectively and efficiently make sense for placement as a fall time procedure.

After a HALO treatment, you have 5-7 days of healing that can include redness, swelling, darkening of pigmentation and sun sensitivity which is another reason why this treatment is appropriate for the season that brings cooler months, shorter days and a lower UV index as we hit October – also right before we get into the swing of festivities, parties, family gatherings and a brand new year! 

This short healing phase is followed up by flaking and peeling that exposes new and fresh skin underneath. Going outside in the summer months can cause adverse reactions post procedure that include hyperpigmentation, burns and even possible scarring. 

Many patients only require one of these effective treatments to successfully wipe away deep traces of warmer weather, however our avid golfers, sun worshippers, or sunscreen avoiders may require a couple spaced a month or two apart.. again making this the procedure for the cooler months.

HALO is an amazing compliment to an established regimen and a great starting point for a fall refresh and clean up! It helps all levels of sun damage and will provide an effective result to women of all ages. Maintained with just ONE yearly treatment and a good quality skin care routine, your results will be long lasting through the next year and beyond !

If you would like to learn more or want to see if HALO would be best for you, please contact us online or call (905) 631 6288 to request a personal consultation with one of our highly trained and knowledgeable nurses. 

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