What to Expect During Your First BOTOX® Treatment

Woman smiling after BOTOX cosmetic with Dr. Otto Weiglein

When people come in for BOTOX® Cosmetic injections at our Burlington practice for the first time, they usually express some uncertainty as to what the experience will be like. If you have the same concerns, you’ll be happy to know BOTOX appointments are typically fairly short, simple, and comfortable. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best through a convenient, positive, and rewarding visit.

Here is a quick look at what you can expect during your first BOTOX appointment.


The first step of your BOTOX treatment is your consultation with one of our skilled and experienced injectors, Tracy, Chantal, or Tambra. This initial discussion allows us to fully understand your goals and make sure you’re a good candidate for the treatment. Discussion topics we’ll cover may include:

  • Your concerns and desired results. We’ll go over the areas you’re looking to treat and discuss how BOTOX may able to help.
  • Whether you’re a candidate. We’ll review your medical history, current health status, and expectations to make sure you’re a great fit.
  • Other treatment options. It’s possible other or additional treatments, such as dermal fillers, may more effectively help you reach your aesthetic goals. We’ll provide any recommendations we may have as needed.
  • Pricing considerations. Our pricing varies a bit based on the amount of product needed. We’ll detail any costs according to your personal treatment plan.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask your injector any questions of your own. Feel free to ask about anything making you feel uncertain. We want you to feel safe and enthusiastic as we move forward with your treatment.


Once we’re ready to start the treatment, we’ll begin by cleansing the targeted areas. We’ll administer the product with a short series of quick injections, which patients often say feel like a tiny pinch. The total treatment time is usually just 10 to 15 minutes.

Rather than inject the product into the wrinkles themselves, we’ll inject it into nearby muscles to strategically relax them. Our injectors have many years of experience and will artfully treat only specific areas so as not to unnecessarily “freeze” your expressions. Learn more about how neuromodulators work in our previous blog post.


One of BOTOX’s biggest advantages is its lack of recovery time. Though you’ll need to avoid vigorous exercise and pressure on the treatment area for the rest of the day, you’ll be free to return to work and most daily activities right away. You may experience some swelling or bruising around your injection sites for a couple of days.

BOTOX takes effect gradually, so you’ll likely notice smoother skin and reduced wrinkles after about 10 to 14 days.


BOTOX typically lasts about 3 to 4 months. Most patients visit us 3 or 4 times a year to refresh their results with touch-up treatments.

To see examples of the kind of results you can expect, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to learn more about BOTOX treatments here in Burlington, please contact us online or call (905) 631-6288.

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