What is your favourite lip shape? 

Lips are a popular treatment request at Cosmedica. From a patient in her 20’s to one in her 70’s… we cater to all goals, ages and ethnicities. 

While older patients will request a “my lip the way it used to look” effect by bringing in images of their younger selves, our younger clients flock to social media to gain their inspiration from celebrities and influencers alike.  

Lip filler treatments are essentially the cherry on top when it comes to our faces. A highly skilled area that requires injectors defining the border, adding volume, correcting obvious asymmetry and providing patients with a lip that fits and targets aesthetic goals. 

While it’s important that we get it right and achieve your goals, it’s also important to learn what your unique lip shape is originally to see what can be done to enhance it. 

Let’s look at the different lip shapes first:

Heart Shaped: 

This style of lip has a more prominent cupid’s bow with a more fuller look to the lip. Typically not very wide, this lip usually has a fuller bottom lip.  

Heavy Upper: 

Certain ethnicities are more likely to have a fuller or heavier upper lip. At times, someone who has a slight overbite may also have a slightly more accentuated upper lip, with a small or softer bottom lip.


This type of lip is very popular with anyone who is a Millenial or Gen-Z. They request this style as the shape they want due to the full pouty filter-esque result. Hydrated to the max, this is the most common lip that is seen on social media with a classically full upper and lower. 

Thin Lips: 

Many patients naturally have a thinner lip and over time as we age, those of us with an average lip will find our lips thinning drastically.

Wide Lip: 

Patients who have a wider lip typically have more teeth on show as the lip dissipates upon smiling through the sides. These lips can sometimes show volume upon rest or be thinner in general. 

Small Lip: 

These lips have fullness and usually have some mild hydration. They can be more prone to lip lines as a small lip will also have a tendency to hold tension/purse upon rest through the mouth area. 

Round Lips: 

Rounded lips are typically not very wide either, and lack a cupid’s bow making them softer but a little flatter to the mid portion of the lips. 

The Perfect Lip: 

The perfect lip is one that truly fits your face and its characteristics.

Accentuation to the mid portion of the lip for that pretty pout, while maintaining an upper and lower lip that remains in line from the profile view is critical. Your top lip should always be a little smaller than your bottom which gives a more youthful result. To finish off, the cupid’s bow is exaggerated a little to give a feminine touch which also aids in a soft natural upturn which allows the light to bounce off strategically. A defined border finishes it off.

Our nurses love the results that come from a lip augmentation and the instant gratification patients experience post injection makes a bit of discomfort during the procedure well worth it. 

Please contact us online or call (905) 631-6288 to request a personal consultation with one of our highly trained and knowledgeable nurse injectors who can go through lip shapes and the process of a lip augmentation to ensure your aesthetic goals are met!

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