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Dr. Otto Weiglein and his team are excited to launch our new blog. At Cosmedica, we believe that an essential part of taking good care of yourself is caring for your appearance. We understand that enhancing what you see on the outside usually leads to positive changes on the inside. As specialists in plastic surgery and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, we strive to form a partnership with our Burlington patients to help them experience real, positive changes in the way they look and feel.

We created this blog to open a dialog with our patients and other people who are interested in looking and feeling their best. We understand that you may be overwhelmed by the amount of information available online that often raises more questions instead of answering them. We plan to share new, exciting, and valuable news about the latest innovations and advancements in aesthetic procedures and products. We hope to become your trusted resource for information that is:

  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Accurate
  • Honest

The entire team at Cosmedica welcomes your feedback, questions, and ideas for future posts. We encourage you to visit our blog often to keep in touch with our practice and review current posts. And as always, we invite you to contact us online or by calling (905) 631-6288 and we will be happy to answer questions or schedule an appointment.

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