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If this is you, you’re not alone.  Statistics show that 43% of people want to improve self-esteem and 34% of people want to look as good as they feel!*  That’s a large percentage of the population interested in aesthetic care.  It is natural to want to look good.  Looking good gives us extra confidence which can translate into successful behaviour in the workplace and overall make us happier people.  Life events such as birthdays or new relationships are also big motivators to care a little more about ourselves and our overall appearance.

At Cosmedica we have some simple easy solutions to rejuvenate your face and help you achieve smoother, younger-looking skin.  A great first treatment is trying our wrinkle smoother injections.  We carry both Nuceiva™ & Botox® which are easy, fast treatments that make us look more relaxed and refreshed.   In this blog post we will explain how our wrinkle smoother injections work, and what you can expect to see in your face.


Wrinkle smoother injections, like Nuceiva™ & Botox®, work by relaxing the contractions of your muscles that cause unwanted lines.  Repeated muscular contractions create permanent creases in your skin and can make you appear angry or older looking.  By relaxing the contractions we do two things:

1) Prevent creases from becoming permanent

2) Create a smoother, happier, confident look


When you come into our clinic you will meet with the doctor and our nurse injectors.  Our experienced nurses will examine your skin and muscle movement and customize a treatment plan according to your specific needs and wants.   The treatment itself takes only 5-10 minutes.  It involves a series of tiny injections that you can hardly feel.   You will leave the clinic with a few mosquito-looking bumps that will go away in an hour or less.  You will be asked not to touch the treated area and allow the injected solution to do its job.  In a few days you will begin to see your muscles relax and the full treatment results will become apparent in 14 days.  At this point you will see a fresher, younger-looking version of yourself – and you will be thrilled!


Here’s an example of what you can expect.

For more pictures see our before and after gallery.

*Statistics came from Real-self Aesthetics Insights report, 2021.

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