Top 10 Beauty Procedures of 2023

In 2023, we are seeking more natural-looking results. We have a plethora of safe, nonsurgical procedures, that can be done during a lunch hour, that help you age gracefully and postpone (or prevent) going under the knife.

While celebrities and social media have influenced many in the past, it’s the natural filters that are inspiring our patients on what to request when coming into Cosmedica. That means flawless complexions, softened yet hydrated lips, slightly lifted brows, and a more defined jawline—sometimes called the “clean girl” aesthetic. The following procedures achieve these goals and more! 

1. New Glow Getter Facial 

“I don’t want glowing skin”… said no patient ever. The Glow Getter facial is a facial that we stumbled upon after patients were asking for a multifaceted approach to targeting pigmentation while also refreshing their skin and providing a boost in collagen—all in just one procedure. At Cosmedica, we like to rise to any request, and so The Glow Getter was born. Using light-based therapy to target sun damage and pigmentation, we follow it up with a combination of PRP and hydrating serum to give the skin a double whammy of collagen-boosting, resulting in a glow that lasts and a facial that really does what the label says. Glow Getter facials climbed in popularity before the holidays and with an influx of requests and appointments being booked, we see this treatment not slowing down anytime soon in 2023. 

2. CoolSculpting – The ‘Fat Sculptor’ Machine

After the holiday season and in the lead-up to the summer, many people are looking to slim their problem areas and fit better into clothing. CoolSculpting is one of the MOST popular treatments for the start of the new year to help achieve this goal, and with more and more treatment areas successfully being treated, this is an option that will only gain more popularity in 2023. CoolSculpting provides patients with great results while fitting seamlessly into their existing day-to-day routines. 

3. Halo – AKA Laser Skin Resurfacing

Gone are the days of completely “sand-blasting” the face till it is raw red in the name of rejuvenation. The industry is brimming with procedures that offer the latest and greatest in facial resurfacing, while minimizing excessive healing and downtime. Halo started to skyrocket at the end of 2022 and will continue to climb in popularity during 2023. Many people are well suited to this treatment option to perfect their skin while tackling sun damage. 

4. Neuromodulators – The “Wrinkle Smoother” Injection

Neuromodulators such as BOTOX and Nuceiva still reign supreme in the cosmetic industry as the go-to starter treatment for “anti-aging”. Patients are starting earlier and earlier as a preventative, making this a better investment than your drugstore creams and serums. A simple and effective treatment that can be done during your lunch break or while out running errands, this treatment is certain to be a popular one for 2023.

5. Filler – The Injectable That Fills, Lifts, Contours

Filler results have gone from excessive and noticeable to providing a fresher, younger appearance without a trace of evidence that you’ve had anything done. From contouring, rejuvenation, lifting, and hydrating, hyaluronic acid fillers really do it all. At Cosmedica we pride ourselves on having a highly trained staff to execute the latest and greatest in procedures, and with a product line that can address every possible concern, we’ve got you covered!

6. PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma, AKA ‘Vampire Facial’

With an influx in requests for natural results, comes an influx in natural procedures. For this reason, PRP is one of the most requested treatments. From specifically targeting under eyes and lip lines, to an overall microneedling procedure, PRP is designed for its collagen-boosting abilities and can be injected everywhere. Our staff is obsessed with the results they get from PRP and will continue to recommend it as a superior treatment option to patients in 2023.

7. New HydraBright Treatment

Want brightened skin? Don’t we all? Using our nano skin resurfacing laser in combination with a hydrating microneedling therapy, the HydraBright is taking procedures to a whole new level. 2023 will see a continuation in popularity with our HydraBright facial—guaranteed natural results and all in one visit! 

8. Ulthera – Skin Tightening for Face & Body

Skin tightening has grown exponentially as a treatment option for many during the pandemic, and is only getting more and more popular. With information at our fingertips and society seeking the latest and greatest treatment options that work without surgical intervention, Ulthera became a fan favourite with our patients. Bragging a “facelift without surgery” tagline, Ulthera is the ONLY FDA-cleared treatment option to lift and improve lines and wrinkles. Many patients in their 40s+ can benefit from an Ulthera procedure, while those in their 30s looking for prevention will do amazing with Ulthera Mini Boost. 

9. Skincare  – The Line That Actually Works

It’s no secret. Great skincare is an absolute must when tackling the signs of aging. Move over Nivea and L’Oreal. The best of the best in the skincare space is anything medical grade. At Cosmedica, our nurses have tried many of the cult classics, but ultimately we carry one skincare line for this reason—because it works! ZO skincare is a multi-step approach that has been clinically proven to target the skin in a way that no other brand does. From cleansing and toning appropriately to serums and moisturizers that heal, reverse, prevent, and protect.

10. Retinol At-Home Peels – The ‘secret’ home treatment

From patients who cannot necessarily invest in in-clinic treatment options, to those who require some solid skincare prepping before a procedure, a retinol at-home peel is the ultimate game changer. Want glowing skin? Want to minimize lines and wrinkles? Target superficial texture? This peel is not for the faint of heart, but it will certainly provide results, and all from the comfort of your own home! 

At Cosmedica, our highly trained nurses are here to assist in achieving your goals for 2023! Call our clinic at (905) 631-6288 or request a consultation online to get booked today!

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