A More Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation (Updated 2023)

woman in white bikini by pool showcasing natural looking breast augmentation

Most people don’t immediately associate natural-looking with breast augmentation. For years, the trend in this ever-popular cosmetic surgery was to create voluptuous, eye-catching results. But today, thanks to a few different factors, the tide is starting to turn—specifically in favor of more low-key, natural-looking outcomes.

No longer do patients have to choose between their naturally small breasts and unnatural-looking enlarged breasts. Instead, our breast augmentation patients here are treated to a completely customized experience that lets them choose a “middle ground” option that suits them.

Looking Natural Is On-Trend

In a larger sense, cosmetic surgery’s trend toward a natural look is not unique. In the fitness world, for instance, there’s an emerging emphasis on “strong, not skinny,” and bodies of all different shapes and sizes are now represented and celebrated in the media. We think this has helped prospective breast augmentation patients feel empowered to choose the specific results they want without making compromises.

Better Implants, Better Results

Today’s implants are available in an incredible variety of sizes and shapes, which allows for a high level of personalization of each individual breast augmentation. In general, the trend toward results that look and feel natural is an ongoing one. Consider the introduction of the gummy bear implant several years ago. These cohesive silicone implants were game-changers and offered patients a level of soft, subtle results not previously available.

Today’s Advanced Surgical Techniques

Besides implants, the surgical techniques for today’s breast augmentation surgery have helped hasten this trend. Because techniques are generally more refined and less traumatic to surrounding tissues, recuperation after surgery is quicker and more comfortable than it was in years past. Learn more in this blog post.

These changes mean that breast augmentation no longer feels like such a significant investment as it once was. As the procedure gets easier, patients will continue to feel less pressure to “get their money’s worth” and won’t be as compelled to choose larger implants.

Placement Makes a Difference

Implant placement is another important consideration for women who desire a natural-looking result. With today’s surgical techniques, breast implants can be placed over or under the chest muscle. Both options have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and there is no “perfect approach” for all patients.

However, submuscular placement often creates results that are a bit more on the subtle side. This is because ultimately there’s more of the patient’s natural tissue in front of the implant. This creates a “buffer” that maintains the woman’s natural anatomical shape while also augmenting the size of the breasts themselves. It’s important to remember, however, that this approach isn’t always indicated. Depending on your anatomy, a subglandular (above the chest muscle) approach may be better.

Whatever results you desire, Dr. Weiglein can help. Your initial consultation is an important time to discuss the exact outcome you hope to achieve and begin planning your beautiful outcome. To see the caliber of results we achieve for our patients, visit our breast augmentation photo gallery.

To find out more, request a consultation online or call our office at (905) 634-5573. We’re here to answer your questions and help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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