The Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma … a.k.a PRP… a.k.a Liquid Gold.

It’s no surprise that PRP is known as liquid gold in the medical industry. Not only is it used for joints and wound healing, but it’s used extensively as a cosmetic procedure for treatments such as facials and injectables for wrinkles and lines, volume loss, and thinning of hair.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the combination of plasma (the liquid portion of the blood) and platelets (the blood cells that aid in the body’s own natural healing processes).

After drawing your blood from your arm like a typical blood draw, the blood is then spun in a centrifuge which splits the components up leaving a yellow – liquid gold – product sitting on the surface. This is the part we draw up into a syringe and use as an add on or stand-alone product in your treatment journey.

What are the benefits of PRP?

At Cosmedica we pride ourselves on maximizing treatments, ensuring we remain up to date on the techniques and the uses that will give our patients the BEST treatment results.

PRP can be used for the following:

–          Thinning hair.

–          Skin laxity.

–          Volume loss to under eyes.

–          Thinning of skin.

–          Speed up healing time post laser procedures.

–          Increase collagen.

–          Facial scarring/acne scarring

–          Facials that provide a glow.

–          Lines and Wrinkles

We use PRP as a standalone product and as combined add on with lasers and other forms of injectables to provide well rounded results that last.

Post Procedure side effects?

Because PRP is a product coming from you, there is no risk of having an allergic reaction. Swelling is par for the course for those who are targeting under eyes, while tenderness is normal for hair thinning patients post procedure. Bruising can occur due to the nature of the technique used – injections – however patients should find that their bruising lasts less than normal as we are using PRP which is a healing modality. Ice packs will typically be provided by your nurse as an aid to eliminate swelling quicker.

How many treatments do I need to do?

Patients will need to do a series of treatments and, depending on the area, will depend on how many treatments are needed. For someone who complains of texture and mild hollowness under their eyes, a series of 3 treatments is very effective, while someone with complaints of hair thinning will need 4-6 treatments.

How many weeks should there be between treatments?

PRP treatments should be spaced 4 weeks apart.

How long does PRP last for?

PRP is stimulating collagen and getting your body to produce. Patients are required to do a series of treatments for best results, but then can look to maintain their results in ONE treatment every 10-12 months after.

If you would like to learn more about how PRP can be beneficial to your cosmetic and anti-aging treatment routine, call our clinic at (905) 631-6288 and request a consultation with one of our highly educated nurses. 

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