Lines Around the Mouth? Here’s What Helps

Prevent mouth wrinkles caused from years of drinking through a straw with TEOSYAL

Years of drinking through straws, chewing your lip in deep focus, and even puckering up for kisses can eventually leave their mark in the form of fine lines around the mouth. Think of these lines as creases in a piece of paper. When you make the same fold in a piece of paper, it eventually becomes permanent.

Why Mouth Lines Happen

Repeated facial movement, coupled with skin damage as the result of sun exposure and other environmental factors, can result in lasting lines that make you look older than you really are.

Unlike other wrinkles, little lines around the mouth don’t have to be an inevitable part of aging. Younger patients can take steps and break habits to stave off the development of fine lines. Even tiny changes in your daily habits can cut down on the creasing that creates lines.

Preventing Mouth Wrinkles

For example, consider breaking the habit of drinking out of straws, which will reduce the number of times you crease the skin around your mouth. You should also make a daily habit of wearing broad-spectrum sunblock to help preserve the integrity of your skin and keep it resilient.

It’s also important to quit smoking (not that we had to tell you that). Cigarettes negatively affect the quality of your skin, and the act of puckering your lips and taking a drag also helps create those little wrinkles. In fact, mouth lines are often the first signs of aging that show up in people who smoke.

Reducing Existing Wrinkles

But what happens if you already have these wrinkles? That’s where we come in! We offer several good options for reducing fine lines, but our favorites are injectable dermal fillers in our office near Hamilton. These popular products use gel formulations of biocompatible ingredients to gently fill in areas that have lost volume or could use a little plumpness.

Our favorite for targeting lip lines is TEOSYAL, a Swiss product that has enjoyed quite a bit of success here in Canada. Using an exceptionally small needle, a member of our team makes extremely targeted injections exactly where the face needs them most. The small needle gives our injectors maximum control during treatment, allowing them to administer product with an extreme level of precision. We like TEOSYAL because it’s made with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that’s notably safe and popular in skin products. It also creates results that patients can instantly see and appreciate.

When you come in for your complimentary consultation with our nurse manager or Dr. Weiglein, we’ll get to work right away creating a customized plan just for your skin, your goals, and your budget.

You can request a consultation online or call our office at (905) 631-6288. We’re here to answer your questions and look forward to helping you look your best here at Cosmedica Canada.

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