How to choose the right plastic surgeon?

Having plastic surgery is a huge decision.  It can change your life and fix something that has bothered you for years.  Therefore, it is so important to choose the right surgeon.  Who is right for you?

Here are 4 top key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Credentials, credentials, credentials.   You don’t want a newbie practicing on your face or body. This will be a permanent change. You want an expert. You want someone that has a great reputation.  Do your research.  Board certification will tell you their training & skills and confirm there is no malpractice claims. Once you’ve selected a top few, call them to book a consultation and make sure you resonate with them in person.
  2. Read patient reviews!  Patients will share their candid experiences.  These will be pivotal to determining whether your research pairs up with the end patient experience.  It may also help you narrow down your list and make you feel comfortable with your final surgeon choice.
  3. Meet the team, check out the facility!  The front staff, the recovery nurse and post operative nurse will become part of your surgical family.  There will be pre & post follow up appointments, so you want to be sure that the people you are dealing with are kind, patient and thorough.  This will make or break your experience.  This is almost as equally as important as the surgeon itself.
  4. Evaluate their communication style.  This goes along with meeting the team.  You are about to undergo something big and different, something you need lots of new information on and you don’t want to feel undermined or that they are bothered by your questions.  Do they welcome your questions and answer them in ways you understand? Find a plastic surgeon who shows an interest in getting to know you.  You will appreciate this bed-side manner tremendously when you wake up after having the biggest elective procedure of your life!

Have you met Dr. Weiglein yet?

Dr. Weiglein specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery, and he’s outspoken in his dedication to making sure you will look your best. Request a consultation or call Dr. Weiglein at  (905) 634-5573 to schedule your appointment, and you will receive the straight scoop from Weiglein himself about the procedure you’re interested in.

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