Dermal Fillers vs. Facelift Surgery: Which Is Right for You? (Updated 2023)

Cosmetic procedures are more popular than ever. Our patients have many different options for rejuvenating their faces and looking like younger versions of themselves. Dermal fillers and facelift surgery are two of the most popular choices. But how do you decide which one is right for you?

Facelifts and fillers can both improve the face and fight the signs of aging. But each offers different benefits and is best suited to a certain type of patient. In this blog post, we’ll directly compare and contrast the two treatments so you can understand which one is more suited to your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Dermal filler benefits

Dermal fillers are a popular choice for many patients who are new to cosmetic procedures or are looking for a nonsurgical solution. They start at a lower price point and can give you instant gratification. Whether you want to smooth out wrinkles or add youthful volume to hollowed cheeks, fillers are an easy way to get a fresher appearance and beautiful subtle results.

Before & After Dermal Fillers Case 177 Front View in Burlington & Oakville, Ontario
Before & After Dermal Filler Treatment
Before & After Dermal Fillers Case 152 Front View in Burlington & Oakville, Ontario
Before & After Dermal Filler Treatment
Before & After Dermal Fillers Case 67 View #1 View in Burlington & Oakville, Ontario
Before & After Dermal Filler Treatment
Before & After Dermal Fillers Case 78 View #1 View in Burlington & Oakville, Ontario
Before & After Dermal Filler Treatment
Before & After Dermal Fillers Case 157 Right Side View in Burlington & Oakville, Ontario
Before & After Dermal Filler Treatment

Many patients appreciate that fillers are reversible if necessary, which means patients can “test run” different looks. There is also almost zero recovery time required after treatment, so patients can return to work or home immediately after their sessions.

Facelift benefits

Facelift surgery is a more comprehensive approach to rejuvenating the face. The procedure creates long-lasting results and can address many areas at once. A facelift is good for tightening loose skin, reducing wrinkles, and creating a more contoured jawline. It can also tone the neck area and improve the appearance of jowls.

Because facelift surgery involves adjusting the underlying muscles and tissues of the face, it can fix more advanced signs of aging. However, because it is a full surgery, the recovery time takes around 2 to 4 weeks.

before and after facelift surgery from Dr. Otto Weiglein at Cosmedica in Burlington, Ontario
Before and After Facelift Surgery

Comparing facelift vs. dermal fillers

Choosing between a facelift or fillers depends on your personal cosmetic goals. While both procedures improve skin and create beautiful results, the choice comes down to a few key facts.

Dermal fillers are best for those who:

  • Are new to cosmetic treatments and prefer a nonsurgical solution
  • Want to smooth out wrinkles or restore facial volume
  • Like having the option to reverse their results
  • Are okay with scheduling touch-up treatments every 6 months to 2 years

Facelift surgery is best for those who:

  • Are ready to invest in a surgical procedure that creates noticeable results
  • Want to tighten up loose skin or saggy jowls
  • Can afford to take more time off for recovery
  • Want a long-term solution to their facial aging problems

If you have any other questions about facelift surgery, dermal fillers, or other skin rejuvenation options, our staff is happy to talk with you. Browse our facelift and dermal filler before-and-after photos to see real examples of patient results.

Dermal Fillers vs. Facelift FAQs

What is the cost difference between dermal fillers and facelift surgery?

In general, dermal fillers are more affordable than facelift surgery. The cost of dermal fillers varies depending on the type of filler used, the number of syringes required, and the expertise of the injector. While individual prices may vary, dermal fillers can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per session. On the other hand, facelift surgery is a more significant investment, with costs ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, considering surgical fees, anesthesia, and facility charges. Despite the initial higher cost, some individuals opt for facelift surgery due to its longer-lasting results, which may be more cost-effective in the long run compared to ongoing filler treatments.

What is the duration of results for dermal fillers compared to facelift surgery?

Dermal fillers provide immediate results that typically last from six months to two years, depending on the type of filler used and individual factors. However, they are temporary and will require ongoing treatments to maintain the desired look. Facelift surgery, on the other hand, provides more long-lasting results that can last for several years. While the aging process will continue, the effects of facelift surgery generally endure longer than those of dermal fillers.

Are dermal fillers and facelift surgery equally safe?

Both dermal fillers and facelift surgery have a proven safety record when performed by qualified and experienced professionals. However, like any medical procedure, they carry some risks and potential side effects. Dermal filler injections can cause minor swelling, bruising, or redness at the injection site. In rare cases, more serious complications may occur, such as allergic reactions or vascular issues. Facelift surgery involves a longer recovery period and carries typical surgical risks, including infection, scarring, and anesthesia-related complications. It’s essential to choose a reputable and skilled practitioner to minimize the risks associated with either treatment.

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