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Skin Tightening in Your 30s.

Ever owned a home and done absolutely nothing to it? No maintenance, no updates, no general house ownership repairs? Nothing ever turns out good when we neglect maintenance. When patients wait until things are visually declining, i.e. their jawline jowls are now present, their eyes are looking tired, and wrinkles have appeared around the lips …

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Popular treatments before the holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching. It may mean a time of giving, being thankful, spending time with loved ones and hopefully enjoying a few holiday parties. We often start to plan and think about the New Year and set resolutions to look and be our best self. Popular nonsurgical procedures during the holiday season …

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Why Patient’s Love Our Ulthera Tightening Treatment?

With a nursing staff highly trained and in the industry for many years, Cosmedica is a popular clinic to venture into for advice on treatments that get you looking and feeling your best! One of our most commonly requested consultations is for jowls, sagging jawlines and loose necks. Women of all ages request the opportunity …

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Do you have a mommy pouch?

Is it belly fat or diastasis recti? Diastasis recti is the separation of the abdominal muscles and very often occurs in the last trimester of a pregnancy. The increased pressure, weight and tension causes the abdominal muscles to stretch and separate.  Throughout your consultation the doctor and nurse can assess your abdominal region and diagnosis …

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