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Could Your Phone Be Causing You To Age And Get Pigmentation?

Most people feel lost if they forget their phones at home. It feels weird. What if we need to be contacted? What if there is an emergency? The list goes on.  Everyone is connected these days and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic causing a  pivotal shift in society with an increase in zoom calls, facetimes …

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Our Top 3 Picks for Undoing Summer’s Damage (Updated 2023)

If your skin is suffering the effects of a summer spent outdoors, this post is for you. Multiply a few weeks of sunshine by a lifetime's worth of summers, and you've got a recipe for chronic damage that won't be helped much by drugstore remedies. Reducing previous sun damage requires clinical intervention. At Cosmedica, our …

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5 Things Laser and Light Treatments Can Solve (Updated 2023)

You may be surprised to learn just how many different concerns you can solve with a laser treatment. Anyone looking to treat issues involving everything from pigmentation to texture can absolutely benefit from one of the versatile laser or light procedures our at our Burlington medi spa offers. In this blog post, we’ll review a …

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How-To Guide: Achieving Flawless-Looking Skin

Hyper-edited art project selfies have now become the backbone of social media.  Everyone wants to have perfect-looking, flawless skin. So how do we achieve this look? The answer is: a little bit of everything. As experts in the industry we are asked this question all of the time. We wish the answer was simple but …

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Instagram Live: Highlighting the Importance of Medical Grade Skincare

We are so excited to share Cosmedica's first Instagram Live video with you! In this video, we share our insights into the importance of integrating proper medical-grade skincare into your at-home treatment regimes. Hosted by Chantal Mazzone, Nurse Manager at Cosmedica in Burlington, ON, with guest stars The Skin Guy, George Scandalis and Mrs. Glowgetter, …

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Winterproof your skin with a Beauty Booster treatment

Each winter, we prepare our homes and cars to withstand the weather ahead—but we rarely give our skin the same courtesy. We've got the perfect treatment to "winterize" your skin at Cosmedica in Burlington. It's a microneedling treatment called the Beauty Booster, and boy does it make you beauty-ful! How Winter's Weather Affects Your Skin …

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