Battle of the Biostimulators: Sculptra Vs. Radiesse

Ding! Ding! Ding! In one corner Radiesse and in the other Sculptra. A battle of two injectable products that stimulate the body to produce and create collagen. But is it a battle? Is it one vs the other? Or, is it really just an opportunity for us to customize and pair up treatments to ensure patients get the BEST possible outcome for the treatment goals?

In a time of technological and technique advancement, a better understanding of the science of the body and a wider knowledge of the creative abilities when treating someone non-surgically; companies have risen to the challenge of keeping up with demand to supply longer lasting, natural, collagen building products and treatments. 

Why do we need collagen? 

Collagen will aid not only in providing lift, structure and subtle volume, but will complement and enhance the results that are obtained from lasers, muscle relaxants, hyaluronic acid fillers and other forms of injectables. Add a dermatological-grade skin care routine on top and you have yourself the BEST well rounded treatment routine. The combo of these treatments pushes the need/possibility for surgery further away and ensures you achieve (and exceed) the results you desire, aging in the most positive way. That’s why Radiesse and Sculptra have really hit the ground running at Cosmedic, and even globally in the cosmetic industry.

While it is the job of your nurse to be able to recommend the right procedures for you, these two treatment offerings – Radiesse and Sculptra – still have their own unique places in Cosmedica’s portfolio and we always want our clients to be well versed and educated on the treatments that are being recommended and performed. 

So, let’s get into it and explain how each one works and how each of these treatment options can help you. 


Radiesse is an FDA approved unique injectable that provides both immediate and long lasting results. 

With its biostimulatory abilities, the product creates a two layer effect with each treatment. Immediately after treatment, patients will notice lift, contour and structure. As this foundation lightly breaks down, the collagen and elastin developed in its place allow for a longer-lasting result with patients required to return for maintenance every 12-18 months. 

Where does Radiesse get injected? 

Radiesse is great for augmenting a cheekbone, structuring the jawline or with a fanning technique in areas on the body for elimination of crepey skin, lines and wrinkles. Areas where Radiesse really comes into its own are the neck, chest, buttocks or backs of hands. We call this a “Radiesse Wash“.


Sculptra is an FDA approved injectable that – when injected – helps aid the body in stimulating the production of collagen. When expertly injected, this injectable can provide lift, volume and a long lasting result of up to 18 months or longer.  

Where does Sculptra get injected? 

The treatment is used best for areas that contribute to sagging such as the temple hollows, lateral face by the ear, and structurally through the cheeks and along the jawline. 

When do you need one vs. the other? 

We usually do a combination of both. Radiesse will provide the chiseled cheekbone and structure to jawline, while sculptra is used for more volume hollowness to the lateral face – temples and cheeks. Radiesse Wash would be used best on the body to give minimization on lines and wrinkles, while Sculptra can work well for nasolabial folds and marionettes.  

Does this replace filler, botox or laser treatments? 

Nope, these treatments both compliment filler, botox and our plethora of laser treatments. Our BEST results have been from combinations of a few different procedures. I mean, no builder uses just one tool in his toolbelt… he uses all of them ! And so do we! 

If you would like to learn more or want to see which injectable – Radiesse or Sculptra – would be a good option for you and your treatment goals, please call (905) 631 6288 to request a personal consultation with one of our highly trained and knowledgeable nurses.

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