Are Your Hands Giving Away Your Age?

Face it: We spend a lot of time looking at ourselves these days. We get ready for the day staring into the mirror, spend hours on Zoom calls, and then browse social media well into the night. So we notice every blemish, crease, or line and try our best to keep our faces looking young. Meanwhile, our neglected hands reveal evidence of our age. Luckily, laser treatments, dermal fillers and medical skincare products at our practice are as effective for the hands as they are for our faces and necks.

Our hands age for the same reasons all of our skin ages: sun exposure, genetics, and the passing of time. Losing collagen and elastin creates the crepey appearance that’s often characteristic of the hand’s thinner skin. Age spots and wrinkles also emerge. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the most effective ways to get younger-looking hands, including fillers, lasers, micro-needling and medical-grade skincare products.

Top 4 Treatments to keep your hands looking youthful:

1- BBL/ Halo : Zap away any brown spots and crepey skin with one of these two amazing laser machines! Brown spots and fine lines make our hands look “aged”. A couple quick treatments can turn back the clock and rejuvenate the appearance of your beautiful hands.

2- Dermal filler injections: As we get older we loose volume in the skin of our hands and this can make them appear thin and old. Veins are more apparent and the quality of the tissue becomes very dehydrated. A simple solution is to inject dermal filler to thicken the tissues, smooth out any fine lines and diminish the appearance of veins.

3- Beauty Booster Microneedling: AKA the machine that gives an instant dewy, glow machine! Smooth out the texture of your skin on any area of the body with this amazing treatment. Face, neck and chest are very popular and most recently we’ve noticed patients are loving it for their hands as well! It’s a subtle, natural treatment to give an instant glow and hydrate any tissue that’s looking a little ‘dull’.

4- Medical Grade Skincare: Just as we need to do our daily flossing for our teeth in between dental cleans, it is always important to provide daily TLC to our hands with medical grade skin care products in between our scheduled services. The ZO skin health line has some great options for hands to rehydrate, nourish, and even improve the overall complexion and colour of our skin. Some product fav’s are : Brightalive Skin Brightener, which keeps the sun spots at bay & Renewal Recovery Crème which keeps the skin smooth and hydrated!

Beautiful results after a 3 Broad Band Light (BBL) treatments

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