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How-To Guide: Achieving Flawless-Looking Skin

Hyper-edited art project selfies have now become the backbone of social media.  Everyone wants to have perfect-looking, flawless skin. So how do we achieve this look? The answer is: a little bit of everything. As experts in the industry we are asked this question all of the time. We wish the answer was simple but …

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woman in her 30s with firm, fresh skin.

Why Skin Tightening Treatments Should Start in Your 30s (Updated 2023)

Can you imagine owning a home and doing absolutely nothing to it? No maintenance, no updates, no general house ownership repairs? Nothing ever turns out well when we neglect maintenance. When patients wait until things are visually declining, e.g., jowls on the jawline, tired-looking eyes, and wrinkles around the lips and eyes, the solution becomes …

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What is your favourite lip shape? 

Lips are a popular treatment request at Cosmedica. From a patient in her 20’s to one in her 70’s… we cater to all goals, ages and ethnicities.  While older patients will request a “my lip the way it used to look” effect by bringing in images of their younger selves, our younger clients flock to …

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