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woman in her 30s with firm, fresh skin.

Sculptra: Why it’s Different From Other Fillers

Our menu of cosmetic injectable treatments continues to expand with the recent addition of Sculptra. At our Burlington skin care centre, our team of aesthetic specialists is excited about creating customized treatment plans that include Sculptra's long-lasting results. Sculptra is one of the nonsurgical tools we use at Cosmedica to address early signs of aging …

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Woman in a bra and underwear flexing ab muscles (model)

How To Prepare for CoolSculpting®: 5 Things To Know

Have you heard of a treatment called Coolsculpting? It is the most popular and effective FDA-approved procedure to treat fat cells and sculpt your body, eliminating those troublesome pockets of fat. As widely popular as CoolSculpting is, many people are still a little unsure of how to prepare for a CoolSculpting treatment. In this post, …

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