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The Rise of Non-Surgical Beauty: Everything you need to know about Injectable treatments like Botox or Fillers?

Over the years, wrinkle smoother injections such as BOTOX have become household names. While the brand name “BOTOX” is universally recognized, there are several others like "Nuceiva" on the market that work just as well. Men and women across the country opt for wrinkle smoother treatments to turn back the clock on unwanted wrinkles and …

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Can you do injectable treatments while pregnant?

Pregnancy has an enormous effect on the body. Hormone fluctuations can cause breakouts, redness, or even hyperpigmentation. Because of these side effects many women are interested in using wrinkle smoother injections like BOTOX® or Nuceiva and dermal fillers to solve their skin issues. But is it safe for Burlington patients to seek out injectables while …

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Instagram Live: Highlighting the Importance of Medical Grade Skincare

We are so excited to share Cosmedica's first Instagram Live video with you! In this video, we share our insights into the importance of integrating proper medical-grade skincare into your at-home treatment regimes. Hosted by Chantal Mazzone, Nurse Manager at Cosmedica in Burlington, ON, with guest stars The Skin Guy, George Scandalis and Mrs. Glowgetter, …

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A closeup image of a woman touching her lips

Lip Flip vs. Lip Lift vs. Lip Augmentation: What’s the Difference?

Lip procedures are some of the most requested treatments at Cosmedica. From targeting smokers' lines or perfecting lip shape to adding luscious volume with dermal fillers, our Burlington injectors see---and do it---all! With Google so readily available at our fingertips, many patients come in after doing their own research. Still, most are left lost and …

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ZO Skin Health Enzymatic-peel

ZO Spotlight: Enzymatic Peel

Featured Product for Exfoliation Here at Cosmedica, we love to share our skin secrets with our patients. We recommend ZO Skin Health medical grade skincare products to help keep your skin looking its best. Here is one of our favorites. Learn More About This Product Learn more about ZO Skin Health's Enzymatic Peel, our favorite …

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ZO Spotlight: Self-Activating Vitamin C 10%

Featured Product for Skin Brightening The team at Cosmedica loves to help our patients achieve glowing skin. To help keep your skin looking its best, we recommend using ZO Skin Health medical grade skincare products. We are highlighting some of our favorites. Learn More About This Product Learn more about ZO Skin Health's Self-Activating Vitamin …

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ZO Skin Health Products

ZO Spotlight: Renewal, Recovery & Hydrating Crèmes

Featured Products for Impaired & Weakened Skin At Cosmedica, we focus on helping you look and feel your best from the inside out. In order to help you have the best skin possible, we are featuring some of our favorite medical grade skincare products from ZO Skin Health. Learn More About These Products Check out …

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What To Expect During Your First BOTOX® Treatment

When people come to us for wrinkle smoother injections, like BOTOX® or Nuceiva™, at our Burlington practice, they usually express some uncertainty as to what the experience will be like. If you have the same concerns, you’ll be happy to know that appointments are typically fairly short, simple, and comfortable. Our goal is to help …

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5 Things Laser and Light Treatments Can Solve

You may be surprised to learn just how many different concerns you can solve with a laser treatment. Anyone looking to treat issues involving everything from pigmentation to texture can absolutely benefit from one of the versatile laser or light procedures our at our Burlington medi spa offers. In this blog post, we’ll review a …

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