Surgical Team

Any surgeon is only as good as the team that stands behind him. At his cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Burlington, Dr. Otto Weiglein has an experienced and accomplished staff that truly understands the needs of the cosmetic client. Dr. Weiglein leads when it comes to staff, facilities, technology and services.

Dr. Weiglein and his team strive to provide women and men who come to his practice from Ontario communities such as Hamilton, Brantford, and Oakville the best in plastic surgery services in a personable, secure and confidential environment. He and his team know that the knowledgeable patient expects nothing less.

Patient Coordinator: Josie K. Bus Mgmt, HR Mgmt

Josie’s task is to make you, the client, completely comfortable in pursuing your cosmetic goals. She is your resource person regarding our surgical procedures. If you are seeking breast augmentation, Josie will assist you in selecting the size, shape and profile of perfect implant for you. She will also answer any additional concerns you may have regarding your procedure by phone or e-mail. Josie has been with the practice since 1999.

Office Manager: Denae F. Health Sciences, Med Assistant

Denae joined our surgical team in 2019. She has extensive training and knowledge in Occupational therapy and pain management assistance. Her role here at The Centre for Personal Surgery is to ensure that the behind-the-scenes details in running a cosmetic surgical practice are looked after calmly and efficiently. With her experience working in the medical field, she doesn’t skip a beat! You will most likely be greeted by her warm, smiling face here at the centre.

Operating Room Nurse: Nancy T. RN

Nancy ably assists Dr. Weiglein during all surgical procedures. She has over 20 years of operating room experience as a surgical assistant. Nancy is responsible for maintaining our high surgical standard of sterility and operating room safety. She makes sure that things run on time.

Operating Room Nurse: Dorothy  RN, CPN(C), RNFA

Working collaboratively with the surgical team to provide high-quality, consistent perioperative care, Dorothy is a Registered Nurse with 30 plus years of experience in hospital and private practice settings. A member in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario and a member of RNAO. 15 years with specialty certification in perioperative nursing with the Canadian Nurses Association and caring for patients as an RNFA for the past 8 years

Recovery Nurse: Dianne K. RN

Diane is an experienced nurse responsible for client care in the immediate post-procedure hours. She will provide comfort, reassurance and warmth. She has years of experience in the intensive care setting. Diane has cared for many clients here at The Centre of Personal Surgery.  Unfortunately, not all of them remember her. That is a sign of a good recovery room nurse.

Recovery Nurse: Cheri E. RNRecovery Nurse: Cheri E. RN

Cheri has over 36 years of knowledge and experience in intensive care and recovery room services with high standards of patient quality care and safety. She is conscientious and compassionate with all her patients and treats them as if they were family members.

Recovery Nurse: Catherine PACU, RN

Catherine has been working with us since 2019 recovering patients after having surgery.  She provides comfort and reassurance to you and your loved ones,  and prepares you for your days at home after surgery.    She has many years of intensive care experience in both the hospital and private setting.

Nurse: Liz RN

Liz’s lengthy nursing career has largely been working with surgical patients. She enjoys the busy pace of the Center for Personal Surgery and values being part of a team that works toward a positive patient experience and outcome.

Technical Services: Sue E. Med. Admin

Sue has been with Dr. Weiglein since 1988, initially as secretary, then office manager and then, after a momentary “retirement,” as the person in charge of technical services. Sue continues to function as the relief person during front office staff absences as well as being the “institutional memory” of the practice.

Our Anaesthetists

Cosmedica carefully selects the anaesthetists that provide anaesthesia care for our patients. We use only specialist (“board certified”) anaesthetists. Our anaesthesia providers are experienced and sensitive to the unique requirements of the cosmetic patient. We have both male and female anaesthetists from regional hospitals. They have provided anaesthesia services to our staff and family members.

If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in Burlington, request a consultation or call Dr. Weiglein at (905) 634-5573 and get started looking and feeling your best today.

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