Bonnie’s Story

Bonnie smilingBonnie had a moment of realization while reviewing a recent picture of herself and her daughter. It was in this moment that she knew something had to be done about her eyes.

“I sew, and I always found myself raising my forehead to be able to see properly,” she says. “The pressure in my forehead became unbearable.”

So Bonnie began her search. Online she stumbled across our Cosmedica website. It was the user-friendly site that made Bonnie feel there was nothing to lose and to go ahead and contact our clinic for more information on her options. The quick, warm, and welcoming response from the clinic gave her the confidence to come in for a consultation with Dr. Otto Weiglein.

"Thanks to them, I feel like my old self again!"


From Consultation to Confidence

Dr. Weiglein assessed Bonnie and explained to her that in fact it wasn’t her eyes but her extra scalp causing her eyes to droop. He said that by trying to continuously open up her eyes throughout the day she had to lift her forehead, causing the immense pressure.

“I felt an immediate connection with Dr. Weiglein,” Bonnie says. “It was his genuine, kind nature coupled with his professionalism, knowledge, skill, and ability that gave me the peace that he would take care of me.”

Bonnie booked her brow lift surgery at our Burlington, Ontario, practice on the day of her consultation. And once the procedure was over, Bonnie says she was amazed at the immediate improvement of her eyes and relief of pressure on her forehead. The downtime was minimal. Within 2 weeks, her swelling and bruising had resided and all she could focus on was her incredible results!

Dr. Otto Weiglein

Dr. Otto Weiglein

Dr. Weiglein is a Royal College-certified plastic surgeon who blends his refined surgical talents with a deep appreciation for the human form and spirit to give you a personalized, rewarding cosmetic experience.

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Genuine Care

The staff’s genuine warmth and care made Bonnie feel very comfortable. She says everyone really made her feel understood and made it clear they genuinely wanted to help.

“When you find somewhere that understands you and that can help you, why wouldn’t you take the next step and make yourself feel better?”

Bonnie tells all her friends and family about her experience at our clinic. She sends them over without hesitation because she knows that they will be taken care of and leave happy.

She Keeps Coming Back

At Bonnie’s initial consultation, she discussed all of her aesthetic concerns. Dr. Weiglein advised that he could address her eyes through surgery and that all her nonsurgical concerns, such as menopausal acne, facial volume loss, and poor texture and tone, could happily be met at Cosmedica Professional Skin Care Centres upstairs in the same building.

Since her surgery, Bonnie has been enjoying her regular visits at Cosmedica. She’s had filler in her cheeks to restore the loss of volume that happens with age and smoothed out her smile lines and lines around her mouth. She has started a proper skin care regimen and facial laser treatments addressing her texture and tone. Recently she has even done a series of CoolSculpting® fat freezing treatments to contour her waistline.

Bonnie says, “These treatments aren’t any different than our regular teeth whitening, hair and nail appointments, or gym and vitamin supplements. They are safe and easy services that make us feel better about ourselves. Why wouldn’t I take advantage of them?”

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